About Us

Welcome to Zikura International College, a beacon of educational excellence in the southern region of Maldives.
Our Institution is committed to becoming a regional higher education hub, setting new standards for academic brilliance and contributing to the educational landscape of Fuvahmulah City and its surrounding areas.

College Governance

Zikura International College (ZIC) has a robust governance structure in place, playing a pivotal role in facilitating its seamless operations. At the helm is the Rector, operating under the guidance of the Chairman and the Governing Council. The Vice Rector assumes responsibility for the college’s day-to-day functions, directly overseeing the Department of Registration and the Department of Planning and Quality Assurance. Supporting the Vice Rector are two Deputy Vice Rectors, one overseeing academic departments and faculties and the other managing administrative departments. Within ZIC, there are a total of four Academic Departments and five Administrative Departments, collectively contributing to the college’s well-rounded functioning. There are also five academic faculties operating under the Department of Academic Affairs, ensuring comprehensive educational offerings.

Governing Council

Chairman Image
Mohamed Waheed


Vice Chairman Image
Shaffan Waheed

Vice Chairman

Rector Image
Ahmed Nafees


Vice Rector Image
Hussain Saeed

Vice Rector

Student Representative Image
Khadeeja Hussain

Student Representative

Organizational Structure